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Paint Brushes

Fairfax VA: All-Levels Art Classes - Beginner to Advanced

I welcome artists of all levels and ages!
In this class, you will learn different techniques and mediums, such as sketching and painting, and receive one-on-one coaching on your own projects.
You are more than welcome to bring your own materials and choose your own project. However, if you need help deciding, I will provide a project based on your interests.

The class will take place at my home studio, which is located in Fairfax, VA.
Dates: May 12 - June 2
Days: Sundays
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Price: $180 (We receive Zelle)
Contact: (321) 537-3268

Realistic portrait of a horse, rendered in shading with graphite pencils.

The class is full

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