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The Artist Behind the Pet Portrait and Wildlife Art: Meet Oyunaa Waskin

Award-winning artist Oyunaa Waskin brings the natural world to life through her captivating paintings of wildlife. From majestic lions to playful pups, her artwork showcases the stunning diversity and personalities of the animal kingdom. Using a variety of mediums like oil, acrylic, and charcoal, Oyunaa creates lifelike and expressive portraits that capture the essence of each creature. Her passion for animals is evident in every detail, inspiring viewers to appreciate the beauty and importance of protecting the natural world. Oyunaa Waskin is an active member of The Portrait Society of America and a Juried Member of The Society of Animal Artists, the Oil Painters of America, and The International Guild of Realism. Her paintings have won several awards.

  • Finalist in the Animal as the Subject category of the Members Only Competition held by the Portrait Society of America, 2023.

  • Selected for juried art show 'Small Wonders' at Annapolis, MD, 2023

  • Solo exhibition at the By and By cafe in Staunton, VA, 2023

  • Finalist of Strokes of Genius 13: The Best of Drawing 2021. Her artwork is published in aspecial edition magazine by the editors of Artists Magazine.

  • Selected for juried 2021 Spring Salon Exhibition, International Guild of Realism.

  • Finalist of Members Only Competition, Portrait Society of America, 2020.

  • Finalist and exhibited in the Children's Art Competition of China, 1994.

  • Silver medal from International Children's Art Competition, Kanagawa, Japan 1991.

Oyunaa has donated several works of art to raise funds for local charities, including organizations that care for needy dogs and cats. 

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