BooBoo with his portrait and his buddy. Isn't it beautiful photo.  I love it :)

Mediun: Prisma color pencil

Size: 11x14

The photo of Biscuit posing with his portrait. It was fun to draw him with his mommy.

Medium: Pencil

Size: 8x10

It's always fun for me to see photographs of pets alongside the drawings that I did of them.  How cute they are.  I want to thank all my clients who have sent me photos like this.  If I've done a drawing of your pet, I encourage you to do the same!

Happy pets

Here is a photo of Sabrina alongside the portrait that I drew of her.  She poses so well for photos, don't you think?  I used the "under painting" technique to create this lovely work.

Medium: Oil

Size: 8x10