I have always felt that drawing was something born with me that has accompanied me all my life.  I started to draw in my early childhood.  My first teacher was my father; I still use the techniques he taught me.  In my childhood, my parents always took me to the galleries and museums in my hometown.  They even gave me an album of the works of famous artists when I was little.  They are still encouraging and inspiring me. 

I particularly love to draw portraits and wildlife, especially pet portraits.  I also love to teach young children how to draw and paint; working with them allows my mind to become as open as theirs.  The world of children is all about art itself.  It's fun to work with kids.
In my childhood I was awarded medals and prizes from local and international children's drawing competitions in Mongolia, Japan, and China.  Recently, my paintings were displayed in the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. Type your paragraph here.